SNSD’s Taeyeon revealed her special relationship with a gosship girl No Eul of Rainbow.

The SNSD leader said today on Chin Chin Radio,

In 5th grade, I had a best friend. I connected with her and we shared a lot of things in common. We were both a bit spacey and loved to sing. We attended the same middle school as well so we worked hard in our own classes but then she had to transfer to another school.

One day on the street, I ran into her. It was in Seoul, which was surprising. After that, I saw her more while walking home from practicing (for debut). But we still lost touch because we spent less time with each other than we did apart. But now, I can see her more. I can even invite her to my radio show. No Eul, congratulations on your debut and I’ve missed you! You’re still pretty. Come to Chin Chin soon.

Credit: AK