Korean netizens spot another one!

A netizen pointed out recently that a ghastly looking face was spotted behind 2PM TaecYeon in a photo taken during Golden Disk Award.

Who is that?

Check it:

The photo:

The boys at the ceremony

Korean netizens say it is high chance he is either JunHo or ChanSung:

  • “Looking at the hairstyle, he’s JunHo”
  • “He’s not ChanSung? Looks like him”
  • “I thought it’s ChanSung behind Taec”
  • “I could only think of L”
  • “Ah scary, and I’m looking at this alone. How can a person’s face be so white?”
  • “Looks like Toshio too”
  • “Jun Beep Jun Beep”

Haha,. LOL

I think he’s Chansung.. -.-

Credit: Kbites