2PM does charity work

Beastly idols 2PM, transformed into angels on December 16th for an event setup by Paris Baguette to help children with incurable diseases.

The event was called “Children’s Hope,” where the members of 2PM spent time with the children and brought them Christmas cakes, hats and Christmas carol cd’s all sponsored by Paris Baguette.

A Paris Baguette rep stated:

“For the New Years holiday, we wanted to help, so we started the Love fundraising campaign and we were able to help children with diseases. We received lots of love from customers, so in order to give back to society at the end of this year, we plan to be active in various social contributions.”

So ladies, do you prefer your 2PM in beast or angel form?

Check this Picture undercut:

2PM does charity work

Credit: AK

Re Upload pict : Kim Seung