Me2day Queen Sandara Park has once again caught our attention with a cute picture of herself. However, this time she mixes things up a bit by uploading a hand-drawn self portrait!

On the 16th, Dara of 2NE1 posted up this ‘self portrait’—that is, if it even qualifies as a self portrait—on her me2day, the same day of the Melon Music Awards. In fact, she posted this picture right before the award show started. This cute yet childish picture displays what she wore to the award show and much like the real Dara, it also shows her mischievous expression.

In addition, on a more recent update, Dara uploaded yet another photo of herself taken by none other than ‘Ming Ki.’ Who is this Ming Ki you ask? Well, unless there has been another addition to 2NE1, it’s Dara’s pet name for Gong Minzy. Apparently, Minzy has started to take a liking to photography as Dara stated, “Ming Ki’s Creation! Recently, Ming Ki has seem to take a liking to taking pictures~! Unnie! She called me and when I turned around she took my picture!…

Sandara Park

From hand-drawn to candid pictures, it seems like this girl always has something to show us! What do you think will be next?