It’s the time of the year when everyone’s happy and joyful. It’s Christmas time!

2PM has had a rough time this year and they have told the public about their very own Christmas wishes. We can finally see the group doing something other than performing their song Heartbeat as they were featured on an episode of Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate, which happens to be the Christmas Special episode. Even if we don’t get to see them on variety programs, this can be just as good as fans can finally see the boys being their dorky selves.

Chansung wanted to go “solo”, Junho said he wanted to be with fans on stage for Christmas, and Junsu wanted everyone to be healthy. Taecyeon seriously stated, “Sharing a room with Junsu is inconvenient. Widen our room please.” Nichkhun wanted everyone to become rich and finally, Wooyoung wanted JYP to give him a Christmas present.

The MC Kim Jung Eun expressed her Christmas wish as well. She wanted to do the part where Chansung slowly pushes Taecyeon aside at the beginning of Heartbeat. On the spot, her wish was granted as Taecyeon pulled off a funny performance with her.

I’m sure in the inside, their real wish is to have leader Jaebeom back and that Jaebeom’s wish is to rejoin the group as well.