T-ara is gearing up to send us their Christmas greetings with a brand new version of Bo Peep Bo Peep, but that’s not all- the girls have also prepared their New Year’s resolutions for 2010 as well!

T-ara hopes to show a more mature and confident image to the public, while still maintaining their cute and appealing charms. Specifically, member Eun Jung wants to showcase her vocals a little more, Hyomin hopes to show her proper stage charisma, and Qri would like to open up and be less shy.

The lovely ladies also shared words of encouragement to one another, to help them finish up the year and carry onto a brand new one. Qri’s advice for Hyomin was to be a little less anxious. Hyomin expressed words of concern, rather than advice, to fellow member Jiyeon, hoping that Jiyeon would remain strong during tough times. Jiyeon expressed her wishes for Eun Jung to continue her hard work as the group’s leader.

Despite the fact that we still have a week before Christmas, it looks like the holiday came a week earlier for T-ara. Prior to their debut, the group and their managers decided they would not be able to use their cell phones or have internet access during their schedule hours. The purpose of the limited internet access was to protect the girls from seeing negative comments about them at the time of their debut. The cellphones were also a distraction for the girls that took away from their concentration on practice.

However, this “ban” of sorts has finally been lifted and the girls are now able to use their cell phones and surf the web to their hearts content. What a merry Christmas for T-ara!

Credit: AK