T-ara Bo Peep Bo Peep

Rising girl group, T-ara, has been awarded the title of having the most repetitive hook in a song, with Bo Peep Bo Peep!

On the December 19th episode of Entertainment Relay, they had a battle on which song repeats the most. The contestants were Brown Eyed Girls’ Sign, SNSD/Girls Generation’s Gee, and T-ara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep. T-ara was the winner of the 3, with a total of 110 “bo peep bo peep’s” in the song. Brown Eyed Girls came in second place, as they repeated “dot dot dot dot dot” 105 times in the song and SNSD in third with 52 “gee’s.”

Most of the songs that rise to popularity are songs with catchy hooks, which is pretty evident from the list above, but let’s not forget about the Wonder Girls with Tell Me and Nobody.

On this episode, there was also a contest for which idol group dance was the best, which Brown Eyed Girls picked up with Abracadabra. Not surprising at all, with the hip sway and Ga-In’s provocative performance!

Credit: AK