2PM was 7 members.

Although Jaebum has left, the 2PM members are still with him. With the release of their 1st album, it has been revealed that 2PM distributes their income with Jaebum.

An associate of the members stated “In November, before their formal activities, the 6 members ended their discussion with JYP Entertainment. The 6 members requested for their income to be shared with Jaebum. The topic of income distribution is a very sensitive subject amongst groups. Despite it, the 6 members stated that Jaebum is ‘forever our leader’ and for the income to be equally distributed.”

The friendship between these 6 members is hard to find today. There are many times where the opinions and thoughts within the group are taken wrongly or are met with hardships. Especially with the rise in income due to a rise in popularity, troubles only rise higher within the group.

2PM is different. With the absence of leader Jaebum, 2PM fell into trauma….. (omitted) but was able to overcome his absence and strengthen the concept of ‘7 members’ on stage.

The actual amount of income distributed back to Jaebum is not yet materialized. It is only after the 1st album activities come to an end and discussions with the agency is finalized that the total amount will be disclosed. 2PM was able to rise to the top on various music charts and was able to increase their income substantially.

Another associate carefully stated “The members agreed to this purely for the fact of being together with Jaebum. They have no hidden intentions. Please recognize their thoughts and feelings more so than the actual amount of money.”

Cre: Kbites