Finally more photos of SHINee from the January issue of DAZED & Confused Korea have been released. The new photos show the boys being chained to the ceiling with a rather dazed and confused look on their faces. I can’t blame them though, I too would have been a little confused if someone tied me up to the ceiling and then took pictures of me.
Check under cut for more picture:

I’m definitely not feeling the concept for this photoshoot. In fact, even SHINee doesn’t look very enthusiastic about it, and Taemin, well he just straight up looks miserable. I mean when you are crying pink tears, you know something is not right. Maybe those tears are because he knows that those noonas he often sang about being pretty also happen to be a little pervy. And now that he’s tied up, he’s more vulnerable than ever, something that I’m sure noonas everywhere won’t hesitate to take advantage of. Well cheer up Taemin, at least your jacket looks nice, and at the end of the day, having a nice looking jacket is really all that matters.

Cre: AK