On December 15th, the cast of Oh! Brothers started filming for the newest version of Xman.

Nicole teamed up with Kim Tae Woo for a game of “Jumping Shooter,” an altered version of handball. In this game, two celebrities (one male, one female) are goalkeepers for the goals on both ends and two other celebrities try to shoot goals while jumping on a trampoline.

There were 100 cheer team members; fifty of them bet that Nicole and Kim Tae Woo would win. The duo went against Kang Ji Sub and Chaeyeon, and became nervous. Even though most predicated that the mighty Kim Tae Woo would be quite athletic, people were surprised by Nicole’s amazing goalkeeper skills.

Nicole said, “Starting elementary school, I loved sports. I loved to play soccer, basketball, dodgeball and more. I still play a lot of sports. I wanted to do well because so many people were cheering us on.”

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