SNSD's Taeyeon

On the December 22 episode of SBS Strong Heart, Taeyeon revealed that fourteen male celebrities had expressed interest in her. One in particular gave her a great deal of stress.

Taeyeon explained, “During practice, there was a missed call from an unknown number waiting for me. Initially, I thought it was a prank call so I disregarded it. Later, I received a text message that read, “I am __ oppa.” He kept sending me text messages so, out of curiosity, I dialed his number using the office phone to confirm his true identity. It turned out that he really was the man that he claimed to be.”

According to Taeyeon, he is a famous celebrity that can easily be identified by his name alone. However, she has never met him face-to-face before.

She continued,

“He told me that he happened to find my number and asked if it was okay for him to contact me. Of course, I consented because he has always been a sunbae much older than I am.

Despite him being a sunbae with a large age gap, he continued to contact me. He would send me texts like, ‘Let’s meet sometime’ and ‘I’ll buy you some ice cream,’ almost like a child abductor…

What was most upsetting, though, was the time when he called me in the middle of the night while he was drunk. He said he knew a lot about my private life by talking to the people around me. Hearing this, I grew really angry. I asked him, “Why are you being like this? There is no need for us to keep in contact any longer” and quickly hung up the phone. He replied a few weeks later with a text message that read, “If you plan on continuing your life as a celebrity, do you really think you can cut ties with me, just like that?”

Taeyeon’s confession shocked viewers, including fellow SNSD member Seohyun who shared that it was her first time hearing it as well.

As she wrapped up the story, Taeyeon expressed that she received a huge shock from this ordeal and wished that the mystery man would not create such a tramautic experience anymore to other hoobaes in the future.

Returning to the subject of having fourteen male celebrity suitors, MC Kang Ho Dong asked, “Have your feelings wavered once for any of them?” To this, Taeyeon replied hesitantly, “Yes, there was one. He possessed a trait that I look for in an ideal man: wide shoulders. However, nothing happened between us.

Even if Taeyeon wanted to reciprocate her feelings for the man of interest, she couldn’t possibly do so as she is not only a member but the leader of a ridiculously popular idol group. On the other hand, I’m sure many of you are curious to know who the mystery man with wide shoulders is. Super Junior leader Lee Teuk took a stab and narrowed the list down to Choi Heung Man, Park Tae Hwan, and Bob Sapp, but his guess is as good as yours.

Cre: AK