Wonder Girls

The Wonder Girls, who are currently promoting in the U.S., are set to release an album in China early next year.

Wonder Girls have already been well-received by China – they were awarded the “Best Asian Artist of the Year” award at the MTV Style Gala 2009 and also held a concert in Shanghai, China on December 1st for their Chinese fans. Judging by the fancams, it was quite a spectacle.

On the 24th, a representative of JYP Entertainment informed MoneyToday StarNews, “Currently, Wonder Girls have finished recording the Chinese version of their songs. The official Chinese album is scheduled to be released early next year.

The JYPE representative added, “The other songs in their album have not been decided yet. However, their hit songs will have first priority.

A U.S. album slated for February 2010, a possible breakthrough in the U.K market (we hope, anyway), and now a Chinese album? At this rate, world domination looks very possible for the Wonder Girls.