So Nyeo Shi Dae has been voted as the #1 singers whom netizen think will succeed in the States.

According to the poll results posted by Bugs music site on 25th December, So Nyeo Shi Dae was voted by 1768 netizens out of 6146 who participated in the poll “Singers who is most likely to succeed in the States”, which is 28.77% of the votes.

Netizens’ comments are, “Since the group is 9 members, it seems they can pull off any concept, so long the production is good they would get good achievements.”

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Qn: “Singers who is most likely to succeed in the States”

  1. So Nyeo Shi ae 28.77%
  2. 2PM (26.85%)
  3. Big Bang (10.54%)
  4. Rain
  5. 2NE1

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