On the 25th, KBS2TV ‘Invincible Youth’ held a special party in light of the Christmas festivities and even invited six male guests to join in on the fun with them. Among the special guests were Im Seulong, Wang Jae Soo, Heo Kyung Hwan, Onew, Son Ho Young, and Park Hwee Soon.

The members of G7 partook in a mission to charm the male guests who would then offer their Christmas gifts to the female idol they liked best.

During her turn, Goo Hara strutted her stuff, flipping her hair in an exaggerated manner. While the male guests were gradually becoming drawn to the Kara member, her attempt at a powerful body wave overwhelmed her and she consequently took a plunge to the dirt ground of the greenhouse. Immediately reacting to the scene before them, the male guests tended to her side to ensure that she was okay. Refusing to lose her sexy image until the end, Goo Hara stood back up on her feet and finished her dance.

However, Narsha was not so amused by Goo Hara’s behavior as the others. The Brown Eyed Girls member remarked, “She reminds me of ‘yoo mi’–‘yoochiri michin ae’ (immature, crazy child),” to cause everyone on set, including Goo Hara, to burst out in laughter.

The chick just can’t seem to stay on her feet these days. Her clumsiness also cost her a victory in a 100-meter dash against other female idols during the Sweet Girl Chuseok Special. On the other hand, Goo Hara doesn’t need to be so graceful on her feet as long she continues to shake her butt like it’s nobody’s business.

Hahas!! LOL Hara!!

Cre: AK