A schedule showing the “growth” of group KARA in the Korean variety show circle has given netizens much laughter. A netizens posted up a collated schedule for KARA for year 2008 and 2009 on an internet cafe, and the stark difference between their schedule in the 2 years catches the attention of many.

During New year’s week in 2008, it was a week where only member Han SeungYeon will appear on broadcast, back then the group has not received as much popularity as they do now.
But during Thanksgiving week the same week, things are different.

With new members Goo Hara and Kang JiYoung joining the group, the group began going on various broadcast shows. With that, they were packed with schedules on broadcast shows during New Year week and Thanksgiving week in 2009.
The netizens who posted this described this as ‘KARA’s growth/development’ by comparing the schedule of the group when normally people would have associated ‘growth’ with image of a group.
Seeing this netizens’ responses are “Kekeke”, “Good”, “It was funny” etc.

Cre: Kbites