January 2010

Big Bang DaeSung and KARA Kang JiYoung clarifies on the incident of the 2 of them text messaging each other.

On SBS Family Outing aired on 24th January, Kang JiYoung clears up on the scandal with DaeSung and also reveals a behind-story to their relationship.

Previously on Family Outing, DaeSung revealed that there is a female idol whom he had received text messages from. And then on 12th January, he continue to reveal that he have had a phone conversation with KARA Kang JiYoung through Lee Hyori when he appeared on SBS Strong Heart.



Yeah I know this’s not news. but, Who’s care??? hahas… 😀

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I love this Song, Oh Oh Oh Oh, lol 😀

On the January 22nd episode of Intimate Note, there was a segment where stars confessed who their idols were during their childhood.

Kara’s Gyuri said, “I was actually a g.o.d fan. I was also an H.O.T fan, but when g.o.d debuted, I quickly transitioned. I liked all 5 members of the group”, making the studio laugh, including Danny Ahn, a former member of g.o.d.


Another picture from Hara @Nylon Feb Edition.

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lol, first time i saw this pict, i dont believe if she’s goo hara 😀

Cre: Miracle

Kara’s Han Seungyeon revealed a rather boring plan for her future on SBS’s Quiz Sixth Sense.

She said, “My dream is to be a housewife.” That’s a weird sentence to hear since it’s coming from a celebrity.

She continued, “I want to clean and wash the dishes while my husband is at work. When he comes home, I want to greet him with a kiss. That’s my dream.”



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