Nicole of Kara talked about how hard it was for her to adjust to Korea when she moved there from Los Angeles. On an episode of Mnet Nicole the Entertainer’s Introduction to Veterinary Science, she started to tear up talking about the hard experience.

While playing a game with her celebrity look-alike friends, she lost and they made her talk about the hardest time in her life.

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Nicole : ”I was born and raised in America and when I first came to Korea, the differences were so huge I didn’t even contact my old friends. I went to one of my American friend’s online networking page and the friend looked so happy in their picture with their friends. I was thinking about how I was all alone and it was so hard for me to cope with that. I met some really great friends in Korea but but until then, I had no one to enjoy happiness nor sadness with except for my family.”

She’s definitely a busy girl these days. She had to get ready for all the year-end shows and study hard for her final exam in college. But her busy schedule is probably not as bad as what she went through when she first came to Korea.

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