While other artists send their New Year’s greetings and set their resolutions for 2010, SHINee rang in the new year by flying to China for their first-ever stage performance in the country at Hunan TV’s 2010 Golden Mango Happy Festival.

After three evenings of grueling (but hot!) performances at the 2009 gayo daejun events, the quintet took a flight from Seoul to Beijing, just in time for their busy schedule in China. After their performance on the 1st, the boys were interviewed by Golden Eagle Entertainment (金鹰娱乐讯) for their first appearance on a Chinese entertainment show.

During the segment, the boys were asked which SHINee member they would date if they were girls. Their responses?

Onew: Minho.
Taemin: Me.
Key: Me.
Jonghyun: Minho.
Minho: The other four members.

The host also asked, “If the world were destroyed and you could only be with one SHINee member, who could it be?” Instead of naming individuals, the members questioned, “Why would we have to take a guy? Why not a girl?

Before the SHINee boys said more to topple fangirls over with the bromance, the host asked whether they ever bathed together, to which the members replied with an adamant no.

The segment also included a competition between the members and the show host in three categories: English, dance and magic tricks.

For the English challenge, leader Onew held a conversation with the host in English; from that dialogue, it seemed like the two were equally matched. Onew then confidently said, “English isn’t about having an accent; it’s about what you can memorize in the textbook.” The show host, who had studied English broadcasting at the Communication University of China, fluently recited a passage from an English textbook. In response, Onew gave a thumbs-up, showing respect for the host and surrendering the victory to his senior.

For the dance-off, SHINee’s Key and Taemin, who are both very good at dancing, confidently stood center-stage and performed sexy dances. When the maknae invited the host to join their dance, the host eventually admitted defeat in the dance battle.

Lastly, the host and SHINee faced off in a magic tricks challenge. The host first performed two magic tricks: in the first, a piece of paper was turned into money, and in the second, two straws that were tied together were mysteriously separated. The SHINee members couldn’t find a flaw in the trick and asked the host to teach them the trick, humbly calling the host “teacher.”

Cre: AKpop