Amidst news that SBS Family Outing national sibling Yoo JaeSeok and Lee Hyori leaving the Family Outing team, it was known that the other members have also left the team.

The show started airing on 15th June 2008 and had been one of the well-received shows in Korea for the 1.5 years afterwhich. The show, like its name, is where stars will come together for a trip to the countryside for a fun experience.

The show has also gotten acknowledgement and was awarded ‘Best Teamwork’ award during SBS Entertainment Awards. But coming 11th January, it will be the last filming session for the Family members Yoo JaeSeok, Lee Hyori, Yoon JongShin, Kim Sooro, Kim JongKook, DaeSung and Park HaeJin.
Meanwhile, the show will comeback in a new format as ‘Family Outing Season 2′.

Cre: Kbites