Japan’s reaction towards Kara exceeded expectations.

In February, Kara will have their showcase and fanmeeting in Tokyo Akasaka with 1400 seats. Initially, only one performance was scheduled, but with overflowing participants and sales, they have eventually decided to add another performance, so they will open 2 fanmeeting showcases.

In this fanmeeting showcase, they have opened ticket sales through a website and have received participants mostly composed of Kara fans. Despite only having 1400 seats, 3000 people have participated, leaving Kara representatives surprised, but NOT ONLY THAT, as soon as the ticket sales opened, the tickets sold out immediately. After much consideration, they have decided to add one more performance.

One rep said “The reaction in Japan largely exceeded our expectations that even we’re surprised.”

Kara’s popularity in Japan is currently zooming. Famous Japanese comedian Gekidan Hitori has shown his fanboyism towards Kara and that has gained large attention. Kara even got to participate in a video on a show hosted by Japans greatest idol group, “Arashi’s Homework”.

Kara’s side said “We will reveal a new album in January and promote in Korea first” and “We will have to consider more before deciding to go into Japanese activities”.

source http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201001050851011002
translated by thebuddybud @ karaholic

cre: Karaholic