Japanese trangender celebrity Huruna Ai’s unexpected behaviour of “eating” SS501 Kim Hyung Joong’s finger have gotten the attention of many netizens.

On Fuji TV ‘Guruman-S Table’ aired on 5th January, Korean food like the rice cakes and ginseng chicken soup was introduced on the show. And Kim HyunJoong, well known as the leader of SS501 and the main character of drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ by many Japanese, was seen serving the food to the female guest appearances on the show.

The incident happened when Kim HyunJoong was serving the ginseng chicken to Haruna Ai, known as the Japanese version of Harisu, ate not only the chicken but  Kim Hyun Joong’s finger too. Kim Hyun Joong was also seen flustered after that.

Haruna Ai has revealed that she is a fan of Kim HyunJoong. With this incident, Kim HyunJoong’s name was up to the #1 spot on the top searched keywords on various Japanese portal sites.

Cre: Kbites