Big Bang DaeSung reveals that special ties he has with one of the female idol group members.

He was SBS Strong Heart aired on 12th January when he was asked by MC Kang HoDong “Other than the singers in your company, do you have the contacts of other female celebrities?” and his answer was “2 of them”.

He said, “They are Lee Hyori from Family Outing and Bada” and then he added, “There is one more person. KARA Kang Ji Yeong.”

He explained, “I was introduced to KARA when I was doing a video call with Lee Hyori once.” And then KARA Goo Hara who was present on the show revealed, “Actually DaeSung is Kang JiYeong’s ideal type of guy”.

DaeSung was a little flustered and then said, “Kang JiYeong sent a message saying to work hard for the filming. And then I replied that I will work hard, that’s all. I drew the line.” which caused laughters in the filming studio.

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