Following is a summarized translation…

“So back in August, Kara had a chance to go to Thailand. As the leader, I thought this is a great chance to spread the awesomeness of Kara and my beauty.”

“When we got there, we were so happy b/c we got to stay at a super high quality hotel. On top of that, each member had her own full luxury room. The members were all excited and the youngin’s would come up to me yelling, ‘OMG, you gotta check out the bathrooms!’ Since Shinee was also at this hotel, I told them to stop being so corny and act a bit more cultured. WE ARE KARA!”

“I went into my room and when I saw the bathroom, I thought OMG! This is amazing! There was a luxurious bath tub that was very beautiful like the ones you see in the movies. I thought this is IT!!! It’s the perfect bath tub for the Goddess herself! It’s been waiting for me all this time!”

“Later I decided to fully enjoy it. I filled it up with water, bubbles, and rose petals. I got in it all classy like in the movies. In the movies the actress has her legs crossed with feet above the tub and leans back with a glass of wine. I wanted to do that, all classy. So I placed my feet above the tub and leaned back slowly all classy-like. Then I had a realization that I over estimated myself. I was too short and the tub was too long! My head suddenly sank into the water. I tried to stop myself from drowning but the tub was too slippery from the soap bubbles. I thought I can’t die cuz the Thai fans are waiting for me. So I grasped the edges of the tub with my arms using all my strength, and I managed to survive.”

“The next day, insides of my upper arm were blue with bruises from holding so hard on to the tub the night before. It was summer, and we were wearing short sleeve tops so they were very visible. And during Pretty Girl, we have a dance that has our arms up in the air. I thought I had to hide them so I went to our fashion coordinator for make up. When I opened the door, Seung Yeon was there getting make up applied to the insides of her upper arms!”

“Even without talking, it was very obvious what had happened to her. So we quietly confirmed with each other that both of us suffered the consequences of our height.”

“After the performance and being tired, I got to my room and decided to try the tub again. I gave up on the classy position and decided to just get in normally. Then, I get a phone call from Seung Yeon. She was very excited and yelled, ‘I figured it out! I figured it out!’ I said, what? What do you mean? And she said, ‘You can sit horizontally!'”

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