maybe this’s not news. but I dont care, hahas! check it SeungYeon’s New Year’s Entry:

Its been a long time right?? Since moving my minihompy, I just left messages there, but now that I think about it, its been a long time since I wrote anything there too..

You guys are doing fine right? I’m doing really well! After finishing the album promotional activites, we had a lot of stuff left to do, but after the holidays, I feel like I can really rest^^ Just because you don’t see us, it doesn’t mean we’re not busy..

It’s a new year! The 20 year old Seungyeon has become the 23 year old Seungyeon already! A little more and it will be 3 years since our debut. Its really a short time, but to our Kamilia who is still with us now.. This new year, I hope you’re healthy and happy, continue to love us KARA, and remain the content people you are~

Time flies right?

Its been such a long time that I can’t even remember it.. The last time I had the time to really think.. I think this will be our last break before resuming our activities, so I’m planning to go alone, or with some really close friends, on a trip.. I’m up this late at night to make travel plans.. Haha. But the destination is a secret~

I think I’m getting old~ Its this cold and still I want to go on a trip.. I want to get out of Seoul and leisurely eat good food and take pictures and just think..

I hope I don’t get lost..; A few days ago, I got lost near the dorm, I had a real hard time.. Please pray that I get back to Seoul on time.. Hehe

People mature..

When I was young, I would get irritated at people who told me I looked young.. Honestly thought, during our debut, I enjoyed it^^ Seeing the people get surprised when they find out my age, it looked fun.. Although I felt apologetic to the maknaes.. And so, I tried purposely to look younger.. Huhu.. But now, I suddenly matured, and I keep on thinking that I should stop acting cute.. Its sad~ The younger ones should do the cute things instead~ Youthful babies~ Honestly, when I see friends that are 23 years old, they look like mature women already..

Looks are looks, but I think my personality changed as well..

Before, I would sit down at worry about what others would say about me behind my back.. I would get stressed over it and so the things I wasn’t able to do, I gave my best until there was no more strength left in me to prove them wrong.. With my crowded heart, the people around me couldn’t even see what’s inside.. Like I was getting worked up over something really trivial..

Now I’ve become more content~ Acknowledge the things I need to concede, try harder on things I need to do.. Little by little, I’m starting to enjoy.. Before, I’d work as if I was dying, but now, I feel alive and born again..

I think people just grow up like this.. Its just a bit embarrassing for me to say it out loud^^
Don’t think that I’m going out of line..

I grew up, but KARA grew up even more.. Always thinking about how to present ourselves beautifully, freshly, a better us.. We’re people who like to try a lot of different things, so I think you guys should look forward to it^^ In our next album, I’m preparing myself to promote with a total fighting! attitude on.. So look out for how hard we will be working^^

The singers and fans age together..
Lets be KARA and Kamilia who grow old, day by day together~
Good luck this new year~
Please continue to shower us with love!

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