We finally can see some girl-on-girl action as members from various girl groups will be participating in the sports challenge show, “Let’s Go! Dream Team!”

The first special of 2010 will take place on January 24th. The “athletes” for this episode will be SNSD’s Hyoyeon, Tiffany and Sunny; Kara’s Seungyeon and Nicole; BEG’s Narsha and Ga-in; Jewelry’s Ju Yeon and Eunjung; and Secret’s Hyosung.

We can tell that these girls worked hard to maintain the bodies they currently have (Tiffany’s golden thighs, Hyoyeon’s body, and etc.). It also seems like they have talent in sports as well, as Nicole is good at handball, and Ga-in is fast at running. Luckily, the girls will be able to prove their hard work and showcase their skills through the various activities. The activites that they will be doing consists of 100 meter running, sit-ups, high jumping, zig-zag running, backwards running, lie detecting, chicken fights and much more! Since this is a battle between girl groups, it wouldn’t be complete without a dance competition, now would it?

source: Newsen

cre: AKpop