The Japanese comedian who became famous for revealing his fandom towards Kara has once again revealed his fandom and is gaining interest from the nations netizens.

Recently, Gekidan Hitori and ex-Morning musume member Yaguchi Mari has appeared in an opening for a Tv program and has showed his love for Kara for over 10 minutes.

He said, “After I revealed that I was a Kara fan on a program, I received a fan letter saying ‘I am cheering for Kara’ delivered to my office”, “I receive such a huge amount of letters that I somtimes wonder “Am I Kara?””

He continued to say “After that, my love for Kara hasn’t gotten stale, but instead grew so much that I decided to study Korean” and “I understand old women who are obsessed with Yon-Sama (What Japanese fans call Bae YongJoon) that they go take Korean lessons”

The reason he decided to study Korean is “I want to understand what they are saying”

He was very enthusiastic in promoting Kara as well. For Kara, who will be having a live performance and hand shakes (An event where fans pay to shake hands with artists) in Japan next month, he bought their CD and is passing them out to Radio Dj’s. He said “Some songs have already been introduced on the radio” and “My radio program is promoting the broadcast who plays their songs”

Very recently, there was a rumor on the internet which said ‘He is being paid to promote Kara’, and he replied “If I was the viewer, I would have thought that way too” and “However, that is absolutely false. I bought multiple CD’s with my money and giving them out for free…” he said angrily. Even he admitted “I don’t know myself why I’m doing this. It suddenly became like this.”

He said he was ready to become Kara’s driver for the sake of their happiness. When asked “Between being a comedian or Kara’s driver, which do you prefer?”, he replied “I prefer a driver who does funny gags.”

To the video that contains this story, Korean netizens has commented
“Gekidan Hitori, you are appointed as the manager for Kara’s Japanese fanclub”
“It looks like I’m watching the actions of a true Japanese otaku”


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