Kara’s Han Seungyeon revealed a rather boring plan for her future on SBS’s Quiz Sixth Sense.

She said, “My dream is to be a housewife.” That’s a weird sentence to hear since it’s coming from a celebrity.

She continued, “I want to clean and wash the dishes while my husband is at work. When he comes home, I want to greet him with a kiss. That’s my dream.”

Then comedian Ahn Sun Young added on, “You can only kiss him if he even comes home.” Han Seungyeon then responded, “Don’t say that. I still have fantasies about marriage.”

Is this girl really willing to give up her idol status to be a wife? This episode will air on the 24th.

haha! that’s funny! if she to be a houswife, how about KARA ? lol

credit: Alkpop