Legend of Kara in Japan

-In my history of blogging, this is the day where I’ve had the hardest time deciding what to write about.

I wrote this in an earlier post but, today I attended DJ Miyu’s event, “Kara’s Beforehand Night Festival.”

This is the first time I’ve attended an event with fellow fans, so to be honest I was half interested and half worried.

I entered the place at 8 PM. A KARA song was playing, and inside there were many people with drink in hand having fun.

I heard the press was covering the event as well, so I hid myself amongst the crowd and enjoyed myself.

I also met up with oolt and xcorp (fellow KARA bloggers).

This is no more than an account of my attendance of a fan-organized event but… Why did I title this “Legend of Kara in Japan?” Did a legend actually occur?

At around 9 PM, just as the event had calmed down a bit, I heard a “kyaaaa” scream from a fangirl, and as I reacted and looked towards the direction of the scream, my legend began.

Unmistakenly, in front of my very eyes, it was the goddess Park Gyuri!

Everyone paused for a second and then a huge roar of joy erupted. I don’t know what exactly happened at that moment but before I knew it, Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara, Nicole, and Jiyoung were all present at the “Kara beforehand night festival.”

I couldn’t believe that a fan-organized event for fans was actually attended by KARA themselves! But they did! They all stood at the front, the DJ put on “Honey”, and all the KARA members sang it. You must call this a legend.

However, after “Honey” ended, each KARA member gave a greeting in Japanese. In line, it was Seungyeon->Hara->Gyuri -> Jiyoung. I really can’t say anything except that I’m lucky I was able to witness this scene.

At the end, Gyuri said “Let’s meet the day after tomorrow” and “have a good night” with a smile, before leaving the premise. I don’t know exactly how they came to the meeting place but, I’m thankful to the KARA who were tired after coming from Korea, to DSP, and to whoever gave me the luck to meet KARA. Thank you very much.

Today was the start of Kara’s legend in Japan. The next step will be at KARA’s showcase. I’ll be doing my best to cheer them on as a fan, so I hope you all do as well.

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Here’s the same event, blogged by different person

– Woww this can only be called a miracle. I don’t remember much but I don’t know where to start! As I wrote yesterday, I attended “Kara’s beforehand night festival.” I arrived at 7:40 PM. I met xcorp there and we hung out. There were about 30 people with 80-90% being guys. I also met Perfume, Saori, ad Aira. DJ matekoi cosplayed as Gyuri and sometimes danced around. Next, DJ miyu played SNSD’s Oh! and Show3. Sometimes KARA’s song would play and everybody would chant. Before I knew it, moteci (fellow blogger) ended up doing some DJing. Starting with Heartbeat, then Abracadabra, not your girl, haru haru, sorry sorry, bo peep bo peep and TTL2. The excitement started to rise.

Then as DIVA’s “Di-Di-Di-Diva!” was playing, i heard a Kyaa! behind me. In this place with a capacity for less than 100 people, KARA was walking through the center. Seriously?!

THis was unmistakenly KARA. The real KARA! I met them for the first time!

I don’t really remember what was going on in front of my eyes, but KARA stood in front of the screen and it became sort of a stage. KARA was 1 meter away from the cameras. The KARA that I always saw on the TV, was within my arm’s reach. I was nothing but moved. Starting from the left, Seungyeon Hara, Gyuri, Nicole, Jiyoung. They sang Honey once and everyone in the audience changed along. Jiyoung held up her index fingers and moved both hands up and down like she usualy does. GUWAAA it was the real Jiyoung! She was so close!

Their makeup was light, and they seemed to give off a different impression than usually. They were shorter than I thought (even Jiyoung). They were really really cute! Jiyoung wore a cap, Nicole wore a hoody, I don’t remember anything beyond that!

Everyone had wild enthusiasm, they were surprised, confused, but excited! Hara was the best responder to everyone’s enthusiasm. Hara’s bravery is amazing.

After the song ended, KARA’s staff said “please step back a bit.” Everyone was really well-mannered and took a step back. the people in the front even crouched down so the people in the back could see. Then, starting with Seungyeon, they gave greetings in Japanese in turn.

Seungyeon is probably the best at Japanese. I don’t remember what she said but, she had the rhythymn that you would use with your friends. Her intonation was like that of a little kid’s, it was very cute. Hara said “I’m Hara… Hara uh…” and then somebody shouted out “Hara Goo!” Hara said “Ah!” in response. No fair! I was about to say it too! Hara said “I was happy to meet you”, and then Seungyeoun whispered in her ear, then Hara corrected herself and said “I’m happy to meet you.

Gyuri was as she always was, Nicole said one word, and Jiyoung said something in the same manner when she counted 1, 2, 3 on the radio interview. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-DGQvUXJiA I thought, this really is Jiyoung. After everybody’s self-introdution ended, Gyuri tried to say something like “let’s meet on Sunday” I think… but I guess she wasn’t able to so everyone started saying “Sunday!” I think Nicole and Jiyoung made eye contact and whispered something like “Morra Morra” (I dunnoㅋㅋㅋ). I may have been imagining things though.

And after that, they left. We can shake hands with them on Sunday, so nobody chased them too far. The tearful, dreamy feeling still continues even now. Today, I was definitely within 1 meter of them. My beloved KARA…

After KARA left, the excitement skyrocketed and everyone sang Rock Your Bddy!

It seems not even the organizers, DJ miyu and matekoi knew that KARA was coming. I was surprised that miyu and matekoi were told just before by some press person that KARA was coming. Because they are Korea’s top idols… I still haven’t fully taken in the event. No matter how many times I try to remember it’s all fluffy fluffy. They are busy with their Japan schedule and training, yet they still came! Thank you! I was really really happy. It will be a memory I keep for the rest of my life. I will treasure it.

Thank you to DJ miyu and DJ matekoi, and the rest of the staff. I’m sorry for being unable to shout as my throat choked up whenever I tried. But thank you very much. Also thanks to those who said they always read my blog (*´ー`)

So, I was told it was okay to write about this so I wrote this report! So, I’m sorry for being late to answer all your comments, I’ll answer them now!

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