Hello everyone~ I enjoyed 2009, the year of the girl groups but I always thought [I wonder if one of them will enter the Japanese market ~( ̄3 ̄)」The situation has finally changed!

Today there is a fanmeeting at the Akasaka blitz, but also today they announced the selling date of the MBC DVD Collection: KARA-Sweet Music Gallery (Japanese edition)!(≧ワ≦)

Goes on sale May 19, 2010,
Label: Universal Music

<Sweet Muse Gallery in TV>
MBC performances

Music<Sweet Muse Gallery in Music Life>PV、never-before-seen pictures of the members

<Sweet Muse Gallery from Brand New Story>
2010’s new album PV、making of the album cover and separate member videos

<Promotion Video compilation>
【2】Wanna(Awards Live)
【4】Onaji omoi (same thoughts/emotions)
【6】Honey(Awards Live)
【7】Pretty Girl
【9】Rock U
【10】If U Wanna
【11】Break It

Those who want to reserve it should go to the closest Shinseido

KARA。。。 cute。。。cute。。。so cute!!!!Shiseki loves KARA! (^-^) Last year they were very active so I think KPOP fans know this but。。。Kara belongs to DSP, the same office as SS501 so, they also appeared in SS501 MV’s。Shiseki thought since 2008 that 「These girls are really cute…」as I watched them on the music programs, never missing one (lol)、『Star Golden Bell』(Korean’s variety show)when SHINHWA’s chonjin-ssi was called 「Jini oppa(^ ^)」and became lovestruck, I also became lovestruck (lol))Actually Shinseido loves KPOP, and the staff is enamored with the girl groups.

So, I’m headed over to Akasaka!

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credit: Karaholic