My name is Kim but my Popular name is Deji. LMAO!!!  😀   Im 20 yo ( Korean age, im 21 yo) I made  this Blog Because I love Korean Music especially KARA. I Love KARA now and 4Ever.

woohoow, and U can download Mp3 or Video in my blog. free! ( please leave a  comment if you download something from here, im very happy about that)

So, I hope You  enjoy in my Blog.

Kamsahamnida!! ^^


Oh forgot, Im Haraholic, I love Hara Very Much, i dont know why,..

Oh wait, this’s reason why i love Hara:

1. Because Hara Dorky

2. Funny.

3. Strong, ( lol, check the video if you dont believe me : )  Here <<

4. Because Invisible youth ( oh Hara dorky dorky dorky )

4. Pretty ( Pretty girl in earth ) -.-

Today , 13 january 2010

>> Happy birthday 19/20 yo Goo Hara!!! <<

^ My cute angel

I wisH :

*Hope you success in 2010

*Stay healthy

*always cheerful

*become prettier more

*always dorky

*get more Fans

first time…  since sungja ( kim sunghee ) leaving KARA, im DOWN! 😦 lol

but, DSP got You (hara) and Kang jiyoung for replacing her ( sungja) and im very happy. yeah! Thank you for showing fans your perpetual smile, despite how tired you are. Thank you for giving your best on stage and thank you for never giving up and making it into DSP. Thank you for your spontaneity and your hard work and improvement. still remember the first day when you stood on stage & singing, it’s just like yesterday.
and everytime i remember, i’m so happy since i knew you from that day.
Thank you for being in KARA,

Once again, Happy birthday HARA!

never forget today!!


Thanks to Karaholic . Always in KH everyday and my hobby is Posting everything about KARA !!!
And Thank all for visiting my blog, i know im newbie in WordPress, but i’ll try the best! I love my Blog and my Blog is JJANG! 😀

18 Responses to “About me”

  1. Jayohwhyseaee Says:

    Hi Kim! I just wanted to say thankyou very much for your very nice comment, It made me really happy, so thankyou again 🙂

  2. dejiyoung Says:

    owh,… of course,.. ur welcome,. I saw your blog at Allkpop… 😀

  3. mantrust Says:

    deji deji deji!!!!!!! ^^

  4. ilma Says:

    i like it,,
    its very good

  5. Vanessa Says:

    Its very good….
    i already see it…

  6. Vanessa Says:

    its very cool…
    i already see it…

  7. Mill Says:

    hehehe! nice blog! Cute Gifs you used 😀 Mre power 😀

  8. Lucky Chance Says:

    Thanks a lot for your blog and your updates about KARA!

    KARA For The Win!

  9. Kim Seung Says:

    Oh yeah,. ur welcome,.. Always update KARA,. beacuse I very Love KARA,. Im Kamilia.

    Thanks too for visiting my blog. 😀

  10. dweechullie Says:

    hi dejiyoung =)
    sorry for the late reply ^-^
    i’m still working on your banner
    didn’t find the right creation one,yet..
    will finished soon, sorry 😀
    thank you for your patience.

    1. dweechullie Says:

      hi, ehm so sorry if i made it too long, it’s done, but i don’t know if you like it or not.
      If you think this is not good then feel free to not use it, it’s okay for me =)

      1. Kim Seung Says:

        woohoo,.. nope. That’s Awesome dwe!!!
        Thanks for banner. im sorry if u so busy because my banner,.. hahas,,… 😀

  11. jiamin Says:

    whats the title and artist to the song you have playing on your page?

  12. Kim Seung Says:

    do you want know?.. 😀

    Artist: KARA
    Album : 2nd Mini-Album, Pretty Girl
    Title: 나는.. (Ing) /I am

  13. jiamin Says:

    thank you!
    i dont know a lot of korean artists besides big bang, wondergirls, brown eyed girls, dbsk and super junior. I just recently learned more about kara and i like them so far. Are the artists under the page column to the right the korean bands that are the most popular now? Or are there more?

  14. Kim Seung Says:

    yep yep,..

    Q: Are the artists under the page column to the right the korean bands that are the most popular now? yeah, u can check at categories for more artist,. and i always update all about korean artist in my blog. keep waiting!! 😀 Thanks!!

  15. abby Says:

    hai kim..ur cool..
    i luv it!
    update it with the new stories of kara..

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