◊ 정니콜

◊ Yongjoo
◊ Tweety
◊ Cole
◊ Nikori

◊ October 7, 1991

◊ Orange

◊ Shinhwa

◊ Dancing
◊ Rapping
◊ Can speak English fluently and some Spanish
◊ Cooking
◊ TV Personality

◊ Listening to music
◊ Violin
◊ Food
◊ Watching movies
◊ Eating
◊ Reading
◊ Cooking

◊ Attended Global Christian School
◊ Currently attending Laurelsprings School

◊ MC JPOP Wave
◊ MC MBC Every1 Idol Army Show (Season 4)
◊ KBS Star Golden Bell – Level With Me S2
◊ Group song for “Boys over Flower” OST Vol 2 – Love is Fire
◊ Group song for “Chasing Kangnam Mother” OST – Fighting
◊ Group song for “Naruto” ending theme – Butterfly
◊ Featured on Sunha’s song – String
◊ Duet with Kang Kyun Sang – Happy… And
◊ Featured in Kang Kyun Sang’s Happy… And MV
◊ MC MBC Bonanza
◊ MC MBC Star Ranking
◊ Mnet “Nicole: The Entertainer’s Introduction to Veterinary Science” (Nicole’s own reality show)


◊ Fluent in English, and knows how to speak Spanish as well
◊ She is known for her happy, energetic, and friendly personality
◊ Born in Glendale, CA (USA)
◊ Participated in sports, band, and choir while in school in the U.S.
◊ Favorite song is “River Flows in You” by Yimura
◊ Her mother is in Korea with her now
◊ She wrote most of the rap lyrics for KARA’s first album
◊ She also wrote the Korean rap lyrics (1st time) for the song “Let It Go” from KARA’s Revolution album
◊ Hates to cry in front of people
◊ She is the strongest (emotionally) member of KARA
◊ She is very religious, a devoted Christian
◊ She has a weak stomach, gets sick easily
◊ She is not very good with Korean, and is prone to making cute mistakes
◊ Has a stuffed pig named “Acon” because of ‘Bacon
◊ She is very fond of her stuffed toys including her pig Acon, Tigger, and Pikachu
◊ She is very good friends with SNSD members; Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Sunny and Seohyun
◊ She is the only child
◊ Played the Violin from 4th – 8th grades
◊ Hyori is her idol
◊ Wanted to attend Julliard either for violin or dance
◊ Says she dislikes people who lie
◊ She hasn’t really meant anyone close to her ideal type yet
◊ Says Gyuri (KARA) is like a real sister to her, both are very close
◊ Her Korean name is “Yongjoo” which means “Dragon Ball” in English
◊ She loves to cook, and often prepares the meals when at home
◊ If she wasn’t a singer she would like to be a patisserie, since she loves to bake.
◊ Received an oven for her 17/18th birthday from fans.
◊ Writes “Always Smile” with her autographs
◊ She is a Twilight and Harry Potter fan girl
◊ Her mother has a restaurant called “Red Kitchen”

Credit: Haejin, Louise, Mae (editing) + KARAholic
Thanks for KARAHOLIC

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  1. Presilla Says:

    Wow,…i love nicole!!!!

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