*Name : Kang Ji Young (강지영)
*Birthdate: Gyeonggi-do,  Paju. January 18, 1994
*Education: Gwanghui Junior High School

◊ Big Bang

◊ Singing
◊ Dancing
◊ Aegyo
◊ Eye smiling

◊ Reading
◊ Listening to music
◊ Dolls
◊ Letters
◊ Dogs

◊ Graduated from Kwanghee Middle School
◊ Currently attending Muhak Women’s High School

◊ MC JPOP Wave
◊ MC MBC Every1 Idol Army Show (Season 4)
◊ MBC Radio Shim Shim Tapa
◊ Group song for “Boys over Flower” OST Vol 2 – Love is Fire
◊ Group song for “Chasing Kangnam Mother” OST – Fighting
◊ Group song for “Naruto” ending theme – Butterfly
◊ Featured on Jumper’s song – Sparkling Eyes

Kang jiyoung

Girl group KARA, busy with their successful 2nd album’s promotions, has piqued the interest of netizens. Though KARA is now considered a successful group, especially after attaining 1st place on several music programs this year, it wasn’t always smooth-sailing for them.

Kang jiyoung

The trend now-a-days seems to be that groups release a teaser or create some sort of buzz and then shoot to fame as soon as they debut; this has been the case for 2NE1, T-ara and most recently, f(x). However, pictures unveiling KARA’s modest start have resurfaced, causing many to notice their progress and how far they’ve come.

These pictures include KARA’s first fan meeting, held outside a factory with just a few fans in attendance and their fan meetings now. The difference is inarguable, and many netizens have gone on to label KARA: success generation. Not only was the location of the first fan meeting noteworthy, but many have gone on to comment on KARA’s former member Kim Sung Hee. Kim Sung Hee recently participated in a duet with newbie singer Genunie.

Because of Kim Sung Hee’s departure in February of 2008, the addition of 2 new members, a long hiatus, and mediocre success, rumors of KARA disbanding surfaced earlier in the year. However, these rumors held no truth, and through these photos, netizens have claimed, “Hard work will never betray you” and “This is so inspirational!” KARA’s success reinforced the old maxim, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Kang jiyoung

It has been known that girlgroups KARA and f(x) members are close friends.

With similar age range amongst members and also promoting in the same time period, the 2 groups have become closer in terms of their relationship. The 2 groups have even danced to each other’s choreography on a music programmes recently.

And on 18th September, which was the day of f(x) member Amber’s birthday, the 2 groups have held a birthday party together in the waiting room for KBS Music Bank.

Kang jiyoung

Kang jiyoung

It was known that KARA member Nicole is very close to Amber. Both of them can relate to each other better as they were both from LA America. They had even lived in the same neighbourhood in LA before. And for Amber who is still learning to improve on her Korean language gets pointers in learning the language directly from Nicole.

Goo Hara and Luna have also shown great friendship. Goo Hara said, “We got closer to each other since we are using the one waiting room. Because we are pretty similar in terms of age, it was easier to communicate as well. And we became good friends.” Luna also said, “KARA unnies are really good to us. They took care of us like real sisters and gave us many advices too.”

And the interactions between the youngest members from the 2 groups are more active. Especially since Kang JiYoung was the maknae (youngest) girlgroup members amongst members from all girlgroups, she recently found 2 new friends – f(x) Krystal and Sulli – they played and chatted a lot.

Kang Ji Young said, “It is weird but there are many times we end up sharing a waiting room with f(x). And we grew closer to one another at a very strange and fast speed. It can be a little boring to have no maknae friends, but now I’m very happy.”

Kang jiyoung

Watch this Video, OMG. She’s Very Cute Here.

kang jiyoung










LOL, Cute,..

Yeah, This information for Kangjiyoung, My idol in Earth. 😥

I hope meet to U jiyoung,, LOL… Hahahaha


Kang jiyoung

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15 Responses to “Jiyoung~ 강지영”

  1. rio Says:

    hi ji young i’m your fan rio just keep up the good work when your preform and your are the one that’s amaze
    me, ok tnx forever your fan or your friend,rio;)

      1. rio Says:

        thanks too and i wish that someday i will see in person
        jiyoung that’s what i wish in my life and this is my msn if you want to contact me ok thank again,rio;)

      2. rio Says:

        i will try to see jiyoung in person,rio

  2. yuki ami Says:

    ji young…………………………….
    lup u lup u

      1. yukiami Says:

        i never write like this . but never mind ,, i still like ji young .

  3. sophia Says:

    ji young your soo cute! i wish you’d have a concert here in the Philippines… Kara Hwaiting! your friend sophia

  4. yuki ami Says:

    ji young ..
    so cute..

  5. Nam,Myung Hyun Says:

    I`m 16 years old i like you so much very cute i will see you soon i will try to see you ^^ kkkkk ah 2 bbu sa rang hae yo kang ji young

    1. dejiyoung Says:

      owh thanks,… where are u come from??? do u like KARA??? ^^

  6. rioshin Says:

    saranghamnida jiyoung,rio^_^

  7. Stephen Says:

    Hey Jiyoung,
    I’m Stephen I live in Canada . I’m not Korean and also I don’t understand Korean but I like Korean Music . Espeacially I like Kara and I love u so much , a cutiest girl in the world . Lol ! But Are u real Jiyoung ? just make sure .
    Anyways Jiyoung fighting 😀

  8. Dio Says:

    Is this site named after kang jiyoung of kara? OMG I’m a kamilia too. And lately jiyoung is getting cutter than ever. I love her ><

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