Idol girl group Kara will not be present on the upcoming Korean New Year special variety shows.

Kara was very active on last years Chuseok and New Year specials but they’ll be absent this year because of Japanese promotions and preparations for their third mini-album.

Kara’s representative said, “On February 5th, Kara has to leave for Japan for a showcase. All of the special programs are being filmed while Kara’s in Japan, so it was hard to be part of them. Also, it is right before their third mini-album comeback. They don’t even have enough time to practice these days, so it’s realistically impossible for them to be part of these specials.”



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Han Seungyeon updated her Minihompy today and wrote:

“Hoo Hoo.. has everyone been waiting? There’s really not much time left. Practice practice practice! Please anticipate us!” (more…)

Nicole of Kara, has graduated college through her “celebrity-goes-to-college” reality program on Mnet, Nicole the Entertainer’s Introduction to Veterinary Science.

She successfully finished and passed her last final exam. The members of Kara all came to congratulate Nicole on her hard work. Nicole expressed her feelings about graduating in front of her members, friends, teachers, and seniors: (more…)

Looks like SNSD will have some competition come mid-February, as idol girl group Kara will be coming back with a new mini-album!

DSP Entertainment stated: (more…)

Big Bang DaeSung and KARA Kang JiYoung clarifies on the incident of the 2 of them text messaging each other.

On SBS Family Outing aired on 24th January, Kang JiYoung clears up on the scandal with DaeSung and also reveals a behind-story to their relationship.

Previously on Family Outing, DaeSung revealed that there is a female idol whom he had received text messages from. And then on 12th January, he continue to reveal that he have had a phone conversation with KARA Kang JiYoung through Lee Hyori when he appeared on SBS Strong Heart.


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Check Teaser:

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On the January 22nd episode of Intimate Note, there was a segment where stars confessed who their idols were during their childhood.

Kara’s Gyuri said, “I was actually a g.o.d fan. I was also an H.O.T fan, but when g.o.d debuted, I quickly transitioned. I liked all 5 members of the group”, making the studio laugh, including Danny Ahn, a former member of g.o.d.