Celebrities who watched Big Bang’s Big Show 2010

Day 1 :

Gong Yoo, Park Shin Hye, Jinusean, Teddy, Lee Hyuk Soo (G-Dragon’s friend and actor from What’s Up), 2NE1 stylists (Yang Seung Ho, Lee Hyeon Jong), 2PM’s Junsu, Kara’s Goo Hara, Beast, Patty Kim, What’s Up Cast/Staff, Into the Gunfire Staff/Cast, Kim Seon Kyeong, Japanese celebrity Chinatsu Wakatsuki (the one who shaved her hair with “BB”)

lol hara.. -.-

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Another picture from Hara @Nylon Feb Edition.

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lol, first time i saw this pict, i dont believe if she’s goo hara 😀

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yay,..  JingHara birthday celebrate at Shimshimtapa. how cute! 😀

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lol, first time  i saw this, , i think she’s not Hara. LMAO! Woooah! She’s so cute, emo, pretty and jjang!! 😀

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KARA Goo Hara reveals the male idol members whom she has in mind/heart.

She revealed all the male idols she kept in mind/heart during her appearance on KBS ‘SangSang Plus Season 2′ recently.

At #3 is 2AM JoKwon. And then she went on to reveal that at #2 is 2PM JunHo. It seems that the girlgroup members have all fallen for the charms of the ‘beastly’ idols.

Goo Hara, who had easily revealed her #2 and #3, refused to reveal her #1 male idol even until the end, rousing much curiousity about it.

Meanwhile, the show featuring Goo Hara’s appearance will air on 19th January.

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OMona,  😀 hara got many gifts,..

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OhMona,.. im so jealouse about this. i want it. ROLF!!!

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